How hard is it?

Yesterday I decided it was time to do an auto tune up on my car, simple right? Wrong. I went to one of the local auto part chains to get the spark plugs and plenum gasket. Gave the guy behind the counter the make, model and year of vehicle so he could look it up on there computer system. The computer spit out the parts and their number even the different manufactures. Simple right? Wrong. The guy goes back into the warehouse and bring up the parts, I pay and head to my mechanic. After a few hours I get a call informing me that the spark plugs given to me where the wrong ones. People how hard is it to read the correct item numbers? How hard is it to provide the proper items? Really… It’s like the menu at McDonald’s, just press the button with the picture on stupid. I’m a bit upset because this is the second time at this auto store that they have made a similar error.
All is well now got my refund, and its off to a different auto store.

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